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Accera Kalompoang - zuid Sulawesi

Accera Kalompoang - zuid Sulawesi

TRADITION of Gowa Kingdom that still been held until now is the cleansing of kingdom legacy inheritance. The cleansing is done with a traditional ceremony namely Accera Kalompoang. Inheritance properties are very rare even perhaps the only one in the world. Ceremony Venue Accera Kalompoang is held at Balla Lompoa Museum, Gowa Palace Complex, in Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This location is about 12 kilometers from Makassar city centre City (Karebosi Field). Overview Accera Kalompoang is held every Idul Adha (sacrifice feast). All stakeholders and indigenous descendants of the Gowa King gathered in Balla Lompoa Museum. This museum was the main building of the former residence of Gowa Kings. There are 15 types of legacy that should be cleaned. Procession begins with removing the items from the storage area. Brought and accompanied by typical music of Gowa. Legacies are brought one by one by the adolescent male relatives of Gowa Kingdom. They accompanied by dozens of girls who wear traditional clothing. The cleansing ceremony is led by the last descendant of Gowa King. He is accompanied by seven traditional elders. Then, one by one legacies of the kingdom is washed with water considered as sacred. The water is taken from a well in Sultan Hasanuddin's tomb a day before. Inheritance properties are: Salokoa: crown made of pure gold Panyanggayya barangan: rattan spear with ponytail Lasippo: scrap iron chopping knife Tatarapang: bejeweled kris Sudanga: weapons, which is always taken by the king Ponto jangajangayya: a gold bracelet dragon head-shaped Kolara: greatness necklace Bangkarak taroe: pure gold earrings Kancing gaukang: gold buttons Berang manurung: three golden spear and long chopping knife Necklace from Zulu Kingdom since 16th century Pure gold penning from United Kingdom since 19th century Gold medal from Netherlands Kingdom since 19th century. Salokoa is considered as most sacred object. The crown is made of pure gold with 30 centimeters diameter and with 250 diamond grains. In this ceremony, the crown is taken into account. Uniquely, every year the weight is change. Sometimes increased, sometimes reduced. The origin weight is 1,768 grams. Some people believe the heavy of crown determined their future. If the weight reduces, Gowa will be in disaster. However, if it increases, Gowa will be in prosperous. In 2003, the weight of the crown is dramatically reduced. In April 2004, the crater of Bawakaraeng Mountain collapse brought millions cubic meters of mud and lunged on three villages in Moncongloe District. Hundreds of people and livestock buried. Thousands hectares of gardens destroyed. You may believe, may not.

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