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Cruise Ombak Putih Wallace Trails&Sails Ternate-Sorong -

Cruise Ombak Putih Wallace Trails&Sails Ternate-Sorong

Een heerlijke 12-daagse cruise met de Ombak Putih langs verrassende culturen, exotische flora en fauna op een originele Buginese schoener.

Uw gastheer is Dr. Tony Whitten, directeur van Fauna&Flora International in het Asia&Pacific gebied. Hij vertelt met enthousiasme en grondig kennis over de Wallace lijn.

Aan boord van de Ombak Putih beschikt u over een luxe 2-persoons hut met AC en prive badkamer.

Laat u verwennen en verrassen!

Vertrek: 23 oktober 2017 vanaf Ternate

Fauna & Flora specialist Dr. Tony Whitten

SeaTrek is pleased to once again offer this National Geographic award-winning ‘Tour of a Lifetime,’ in collaboration with Dr. Tony Whitten and Fauna & Flora International. This exclusive SeaTrek itinerary honours Alfred Russel Wallace and the time he spent in what is now Indonesia, independently working on the theory of evolution. Wallace’s observations of the marked zoological differences across a narrow strait in the archipelago led to his proposing the faunal boundary line, now known as the Wallace Line, which separates the ecozones of Asia and Australia. West of the line are found organisms related to Asiatic species; to the east, a mixture of species of Asian and Australian origin is present. While he was exploring the archipelago, he refined his thoughts about evolution and had his famous insight on natural selection. In 1858 he sent an article outlining his theory to Darwin; it was published, along with a description of Darwin’s own theory, in the same year.

For this cruise, we will revisit some of the areas that Wallace found so fascinating and we will hopefully experience the magic of seeing the bird of paradise in its full glory within its natural habitat. There are new adventures every day as we explore the tiny islands that make up this region. We will trek through jungle terrain witnessing the wildlife as well as experiencing some remote local villages. This area of Indonesia, referred to as The Coral Triangle, is home to arguably the most diverse marine life in the world. We will explore on land and underwater exactly what captivated Wallace about this part of the world and what continues to attract scientists and nature lovers from across the globe. We are delighted to have, once again, the expert knowledge and inspiring energy of Dr. Tony Whitten leading this tour with a seasoned crew on the Ombak Putih. The excursions and discussions will nourish your mind, while the time spent on the boat will relax your body to ensure a truly unforgettable trip.

SeaTrek will be donating a proportion of the profits from this cruise to the FFI to help them continue their important work.

Prijsoverzicht Price overview

Cruise Ombak Putih Wallace Trails&Sails Ternate-Sorong

2 personen (1 x 2-persoonskamer)

23-10-2017 - 03-11-2017
€ 6260.00 p.p per arrangement

1 persoon (1 x 1-persoonskamer)


12-daagse cruise op de Ombak Putih 2-persoonshutten met airconditioning, eigen douche, toilet. Thee en koffie, handdoeken, excursies, snorkel uitrusting en zee kano's. Transfers van en naar hotel, vliegveld en haven


Vluchten Visum on arrival Alcoholische dranken, fooien en was. Lokale vertrekbelasting


Dag 1

Day 1

Your flight arrives on the small island of Ternate, which is the capital of the North Maluku Province. Here, you will be met at the airport and transferred to the stately Ombak Putih, moored offshore of Ternate City. There will be time for you to get settled into your rooms and have a quick safety briefing as we enjoy an alfresco lunch and meet the other passengers and crew. In the afternoon we will venture into the city, which has retained its commercial and political importance as the administrative and trading centre of North Maluku. Of the four historically powerful spice sultanates, Ternate is the only one where the institution of the sultanate has survived uninterrupted. A highlight will be our visit to the old house, which is said to have been lived in by Wallace and used over a period of years as his base during his many specimen-gathering expeditions. There will be an opportunity to post your own version of Wallace’s renowned ‘Letter from Ternate’ on our specially-prepared postcards. If there is time, we will also go and see the ‘Afo’ – the clove tree that defied an empire. Afo is the oldest clove tree in the world, with estimates suggesting that it is between 350 and 400 years old. The story surrounding it is a fascinating history of intrigue, greed and hope.

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